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ASA School Board Meetings

The ASA School Board meets on the third Wednesday of the month in the ASA Conference Room. The public is welcome to attend any of the ASA School Board meetings.


2019-2020 School Board Members

School Board Officers

Bridget Beckmann-Winter,  President (3rd year, St. Mary's - Carlyle)

Allison Cowgill, Vice-President (2nd Year, St. Dominic)

Erin Etheridge, Secretary (1st year, St. Anthony)


St. Dominic Representatives

Tom Klostermann - 3rd Year

Cassie Peppenhorst - 3rd Year

Mark Niemann - 2nd Year

Kristi Johnson - 1st Year

Mike Faust - 1st Year


St. Augustine Representatives

Dana Loepker - 2nd Year

Emily Timmermann - 2nd Year

Ann Richter - 1st Year

Kristie Buller - 1st Year


St. Anthony Representatives

Brenda Pollmann - 2nd Year


St. Mary's (Carlyle) Representatives 


Ex Officio

Dr. Robin Booth, Principal

Fr. Chuck Tuttle, St. Augustine & St. Anthony

Fr. Patrick Peter, St. Dominic

Deacon Linus, St. Dominic

Mrs. Phyllis Berndsen, St. Augustine


2019-2020 School Board Agendas                                       2019-2020 School Board Minutes

August 2019                                                                            August 2019

September 2019                                                                     September 2019

October 2019                                                                          October 2019

November 2019                                                                      November 2019                                                               

January 2020                                                                          January 2020

February 2020                                                                        February 2020

March 2020                                                                             March 2020 (Meeting cancelled due to COVID 19)

April 2020*                                                                               April 2020

May 2020                                                                                May 2020

June 2020                                                                               June 2020


*No formal meeting was held due to COVID-1 but board members met via Zoom and minutes were taken.